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In Cesenatico you will find


Lawns and mediterranean shrubs, two small lakes inhabited by royal swans, ducks and moorhens. A natural oasis in which to relax in the shade of an old tree or feed the ducks on the lake. The whole park is equipped with trails, beautiful picnic areas, play areas for children, equipment in eco-friendly material for larger paths and lives for the sport. Inside the park, an area is prepared for bird watching, another to walk outside of the beach of the dogs and Yoga and Thai Chi, which are carried out in the middle of the green in full contact with nature. An old farmhouse houses the Senior citizens Centre, promoter of recreational activities, such as dance.


If from the seafront Carducci, you reach the beach, close your eyes and follow the smell of the sea and salty air. You'll be as wrong to a must and pleasant, the Gardens to the sea. Separate the avenue of the shops and hotels from the one of the bathing establishments. Hedges and groves of perfumed pergolas of wood and straw, and flowers, vines, water spouts d0acqua fresh and wooden games and string for the children. For an evening stroll, far from the lights of the shop windows, romantic and relaxing or a break from the sea during the hottest hours. You'll come across even in the magical sculpture by the artist Tonino Guerra, “The cathedral of the leaves”.

Cesenatico, ancient port of sea


It takes its name from the two ancient ice-houses that characterize it and which served in ancient times to preserve fish and food control in the warm periods. Preserves, already in the '500, were used until the beginning of our century. There were 20, but today they have been restored to three. The pretty piazzetta is the ideal backdrop for the daily and characteristic Market of Agricultural Producers or to the nativity in the Christmas period. During the summer, entertainment is not lacking thanks to the Flea Market and Crafts every Monday evening, and the festival of classical music with the Night to the Preserves.


Right at the beginning of the port channel, redesigned by Leonardo da Vinci, the side of the mountain, you can admire the Museum with its floating section. A unique collection and great charm of ancient ships from the colorful sails that bear witness to centuries of fishing and maritime trade. You can also visit the section of the Museum and to gape at the majesty of the ancient fishing boats.

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