Beautiful capital of art, mentioned by Dante Alighieri in the Divine Comedy, is at the heart of the historical region of Montefeltro and is the city that gave it its name. Known for its historical and geopolitical location for films and documentaries, a tourist destination of excellence, is the precious pearl guarded by the province of Rimini. The extraordinary conformation of the place, a massive rock with sheer walls has determined, since prehistoric times, the dual role of military and religious, evidenced by artefacts of great artistic and architectural value. The city was called Monte feltro, from Mons Feretrus, a name linked to the important roman settlement built around the temple dedicated to Jupiter (Jupiter Feretrius).


The town of Gradara, situated in the province of Pesaro Urbino in the Marche region, it is fascinating that already in the distance when driving along the highway, we see it appear up there untouched and elegant, between the green of the countryside full of olive trees and vines, with the walls and the castle preserved the wear and tear of time. The Fortress and its fortified Village are one of the best preserved medieval in Italy and the two walls that protect the Fortress, the outermost of which extends for almost 800 meters, make it one of the most impressive.
The fortunate position that causes it to be protected and to two steps from the sea, makes it, since ancient times a crossroads of traffic and people. And’ the middle ages that has seen the scene of clashes between the two Lordships, Malatesta and Montefeltro, always vying to conquer territories and fortifications. And the Malatesti, the gave the current appearance, the building of the fortress and double walls between 1200 and 1300 on a tower existing from the year 1100. But their rule ended in 1463 when Federico da Montefeltro took the Fortress at the command of the papal troops.

History and tradition


And' città slow - international network of good living cities. One of the most attractive cities of Romagna known for its beauty and for having given birth to a concentration of intellectuals and artists, today, like yesterday, like no other place in the province. Even the pope had to be born: Pope Clement XIV, Ganganelli, as reminiscent of some of the monuments dedicated to him. Here, the art, the culture, the history and the traditions of the house, you can breathe in its squares, in its corners and in the many events that punctuate the seasons, have also become tourist attractions. Its historic centre is strictly restored to where it reads a special attention to the defence of the signs of the past, thanks also to the many restaurants and inns is more than ever alive. Despite being a city of over 20 thousand inhabitants, it returns a country atmosphere, where everything is a measure of encounter, of hospitality, and wherever you feel its strong cultural identity.


Fascinating for the placement on the first rocky hills a short distance from the sea and from here you can admire the fullness and for its architecture that will stand out, visible from the plain, attracts the look and captivates the attention. Unable to hold back the desire to visit it. And then it turns out that it is a capital city of the malatesta, and in the still the mighty Fortress, the Malatesta built, gave start to their prestigious history based on the fortunate profitable conquests and apparentamenti. The Verucchio modern offers a well-equipped golf course with 18-hole golf course, Rimini Golf Club, a club house and a practice field, in a prestigious and charming estate, already owned by caroline Amalia of Brünswick, wife of George IV, King of England, who lived here a long time, from which it takes its name.

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